The CESEDA was born in 1986,  created by a very close group of professionals, after  10 years of previous experience  as  a study of taxation, commercial and work consultancy. The swift evolution in the field of computer science, the neverending  changes in the  fiscal rules  and the increasing demand  of the clientele   for new services  have  driven the top men  to the definition of the main targets that have  become the points of reference  of our company:

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION-- The CESEDA  has always anticipated the technological evolution with a steady  updating of the  information technology  equipment and of the software, together with the search for the greatest safety of  our clientele’s data in our custody. For this reason,  Ceseda has always trusted to   IBM and Zucchetti, leading suppliers in this sector. Our long  and ripened in  experience activity   enables us to offer  integrated and complete services to the businesses that have to manage the phase of the informatization of the account system of survey or have to face  the transition to   new technologies, such as  telejob or  administrative  and accountancy services  managed  through the Internet.

CONTINUOUS UPDATING In a fiscal system characterized by the continuous normative evolution, the process  of training  and updating represents the key for an offer of services under the banner of the greatest quality. The highly experienced  members of the staff ensure the uniformity and the quality of the offered services; the collaboration with a skilled group of professionals in  different areas of interest has always ensured the certainty  to find  the most suitable solution to  different requests of  enterprises,  public authorities and  private citizens.

 COMPLETENESS OF THE OFFEROne of the points of reference of the CESEDA is undoubtedly  the completeness of the  services supplied. Next to the skills traditionally reserved to the professional consultancy   and work consultancy studies, we are in a position to supply solutions in the computer field, in  searching for any help for  enterprises, for  the safety at the workplace and in the management of the waste material. This enbles  our customers   to have a sole  interlecutor able  to face  all the different requests in an integrated and complete manner.


All this  has contributed to  a continuous growth of the business that is a  point of reference for our clientele and  a touchstone for the competition,  and  has   extended  the actual operating action quite beyond the regional boundaries